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James Allen – Love Life. Live A Life Of Purpose.

James Allen was a British philosopher who lived between 1864 and 1912. He has over 22 books in the public domain and it is clear that he was one of the early pioneets of the self-improvement movement. He had much to teach and it is all still relevant today.

What Is Success?

He was a firm believer in meditation and spent many hours a day communing with God. His meditations have been published in the form of one for each day of the month.

The man is the all-important factor.
A man imagines he could do great things if he were not hampered by circumstances—by want of money, want of time, want of influence, and want of freedom from family ties. In reality the man is not hindered by these things at all. He, in his mind, ascribes to them a power which they do not possess, and he submits, not to them, but to his opinions about them, that is, to a weak element in his nature. The real “want” that hampers him is the want of the right attitude of mind. When he regards his circumstances as spurs to his resources, when he sees that his so-called drawbacks are the very steps up which he is to mount successfully to his achievement, then his necessity gives birth to invention, and the “hindrances” are transformed into aids.
He who complains of his circumstances has not yet become a man.
How relevant this is to life today? We al have so many excuses for our situations. Really we should be perceiving the obstacles as challenges to help us grow and create solutions.
If we do not perceive something as an obstacle it cannot be an obstacle.
We should stop complaining, take responsibility for our situation, give gratitude and take action.
Tonette Kelly

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As you know I am an avid student of Abraham (Esther and Jerry Hicks).

Well Being

        As usual they have wonderful words of wisdom for us.

The one factor that has been unknown by most humans, that is understood by the beasts, is that Well-being truly does abound; and that you are blessed beings who live in an atmosphere of grace; and that unless you are doing something to pinch off the Well-being, it will be yours. Look for the evidence of the Well-being, and be an advocate for Well-being rather than an advocate for getting rid of what does not feel like Well-being. Then little by little by little, your own personal experience begins to take shape in a way that is more satisfying to you.

— Abraham

     Excerpted from the workshop in San Francisco, CA on Saturday, August 18th, 2001 # 93


What this means is that humans tend not to expect and concentrate on well-being. They do not understand that well-being is their destiny.

Often if things are not exactly as they would like they concentrtae on how to change them, thus attracting more of what they do not want. Instead the key is to continue focusing on the well-being and circumstances that you do want.

Remember, everything is as it is for a reason. Give thanks and see the benefits of each situation.

Tonette Kelly


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