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How Do You Measure The Value Of A Teacher?


I was speaking with a child today (aged 16) and she was telling me how at her school the Headmaster has a system where the teacher’s pay is linked to performance in O Levels and A Levels.

She told me that to her a Teacher’s pay should be linked to the positive effect they have on the student’s life.

My client was having problems at home and this had caused her to lose focus on her school work.

She was way behind with Maths and constantly in trouble, She felt she couldn’t catch up and her self-confidence was down.

My client felt it was all too much and wanted to ‘drop out of school’.

A Teacher she had had for 2 years took the time to ask her one lunch-time what the problem was.

She told him and he explained to her that rather than drop out of school and be destined to a life of poor salaries and struggle, she could simply drop maths.

The child did not have parents who discussed education options with her and this simple advice made a world of difference.

She took the Teachers’s advice and 2 months later she is back on track at school.

I wonder how you measure this type of value that a great  Teacher adds to a child’s life.

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