Tonette Kelly

Life Is For Living and Learning



TONETTE KELLY is a British writer and parenting/relationship coach with a passion for ensuring that children know and become excited about the opportunities available to them in life. She believes that all children need to be taught that they are not defined by their past and have the opportunity right now, in this moment to make any life they want. There are no limits other than those that are self-imposed.

Many children (and adults) use hardships and adverse happenings to justify their current actions and attitudes. Tonette believes that children should be taught that they have the choice to limit themselves by excuses or accept the past, move forward and grasp all that life has to offer. They can be a victim or a winner depending on mindset.

Tonette is passionate also about ensuring that children learn to take responsibility for themselves, including what they eat and the care they take of their bodies. This ensures good health and fitness and will help halt the growing childhood obesity crisis throughout Britain.

Tonette is a keen researcher on the effects of diet on children’s behaviour and on children’s behavioural issues generally. She also conducts classes on family relationships and particularly focuses on the effects of separation and divorce on children and strategies to minimize adverse consequences.


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