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Be An “Olympic” Parent. Let Your Children Do Things For Themselves

In my dealings with children over the last two decades I have found that the children who are ultimately the happiest and most successful are the children whose parents let them do as much as possible for themselves, as quickly as possible.

For some reason, today, many parents seem to think that they are being good parents by doing as much as they possibly can for their children. They make their beds, do most of their homework, polish their shoes and expect very little from them in terms of helping with family chores. The child doesn’t really appreciate all this effort from the parent as it just becomes normal but they lose the opportunity to become independent.

I believe that the greatest gift we can give our children is to have the confidence in them to let them do things for themselves as soon as they are able and allow them to fail at times. THis is how our children learn and grow.

We need to find another way to justify our own existence – other than doing things for our children that they can quite easily do for themselves.

You are not being cruel or harsh by having high expectations of your children. You are simply doing your job and bringing your child up to be independent and thrive.

Try it. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Tonette Kelly

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Help Your Children Build Great Habits. Habit 2 – Begin With The End In Mind

Sean Covey teaches us that our habits make or break our lives.

 It is essential that we teach our children good habits if we want them to be happy and productive.

He focuses on seven essential habits. We have already looked at Habit No. 1 –   BE PROACTIVE.

Today we will look at Habit No. 2 – Begin With The End In Mind.

Sean says that we need to teach our children to work out what they are seeking to achieve  and work with them to develop goals for their life, so that they have a ‘road map’ for what to do.

This helps keep them on track and stops a lot of time wastage.

For example each Sunday night we might ask our children what Assignments they have that week and get them to make a plan of what they’ll do each evening. This helps keep them on track.

At the begiining of each term we might ask our children what sports they’d like to play and what they’d like to achieve at school that term. At the beginning of this term my youngest child said that he wanted to be dux in at least one subject at Presentation Night. This was a good goal as it meant that we could plan the steps and work necessary to achieve it.

The essential with your children is lots of talk and communication around what they are seeking to achieve.

Tonette Kelly

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