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It’s Hard To Justify The Money Spent On The 2012 Olympic Games

The world is hurting at the moment. There are millions living in poverty and children die ecah minute of diseas and starvation.

Closer to home British families are doing it tough. Prices are high and jobs are scarce. The empty seats at the Olympic venues tell the story.

In such a scenario can any government really justify spending close to $15 billion on a sporting event, be-it the world’s most elite sporting event?

The costs of running the 2012 Olympic Games are separate from the costs for building the venues and infrastructure, and redeveloping the land for the Olympic Park and these costs are paid for with public money.

The running costs are privately funded which means even more money is tipped into the Olympic bucket and for what real global purpose?

I can’t help thinking what a difference the funds expended could have made to schools and hospitals in Great Britain and to the nations that the UK gives foreign aid to.

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2012 Olympic Games

Well the UK is certainly dazzling the world with its Games but I wonder deep inside if the money spent is not a great travesty.

In these times of economic misery should we really be pouring tens of millions of dollars into an event that really has no lasting benefit?

The UK is close to the Eurppean nightmare of Greece and Spain but seems largely unaffected and unworried.


I also wonder whether it is fair that only the rich nations can afford to field large teams whereas the poorer, developing nations bring a team you can count on one hand.


The 2012 Olymic Games bother me and not for a good reason.


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